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316 Mining

316 Mining Swag

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The Modern Worker and Todd Hoffman

Hoffman Crew Wearing Mascot GearAs you can see on Discovery Channel Gold Rush, the Hoffman 316 Mining Crew has chosen to wear MASCOT® Workwear supplied by The Modern Worker.

MASCOT® Workwear is an Award Winning Manufacturer, a premium brand with the highest quality “TESTED TO WORK” work related apparel, and safety footwear that’s both functional and stylish that money can buy.

MASCOT® Workwear is considered to be the highest quality workwear and safety footwear for the craftsmen and women, factory workers, service workers, outdoors men, and many other work and play industries.

15009 NE Airport Way Suite 100
Portland, OR 97230

Business Hours:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday – 8:00AM – 5:00PM PST

Tuesday & Thursday – 8:00AM – 6:00PM PST

316 Mining Crew

The Hoffman Crew

Catch the 316 Mining Crew seen on the #1 highest rated show on Friday nights on Discovery Channel.

As seen in the image Todd Hoffman’s 316 Mining Crew from the TV show Gold Rush is wearing MASCOT® Workwear. They are wearing the MASCOT® Workwear Mataro Jacket and Lerida Pants supplied by The Modern Worker. MASCOT® Workwear is the strongest and most comfortable workwear out there on the market today.

We we are confident that you will find the MASCOT® Workwear products will fit all your exact work needs.

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